Monday, March 19, 2007

Windows XP Daylight Savings Time Patch

I noticed that there were a number of odd occurances when my computer did it's DST update from Microsoft.

When the patch was first installed I noticed that annual holidays (b'days, anniversary, et al) were now covering two days in my Outlook program. I actually got a call from someone who needed me to confirm some dates that I would be visiting, because his Outlook had done the same thing.

I adjusted the dates so they were correct for the current month and thought nothing else about it. What happened over the course of the next few days was very odd. When I started my computer I noticed that the mouse (cursor) would not move and then it went, but only in fits and starts. There were periods of time my computer was unusable. How frustrating! After a couple of hours things were better, but not perfect. It took at least three days for all these odd occurances to stop.

It is my belief (read I haven't seen anything to support this) that the patch went through all the applications on my computer that have a date stamp function and verified that all was in order. The process was most frustrating because it rendered my computer not usable while it was doing its thing. It would have been far better if Microsoft had created the patch with an information window that notified the user of what was going on.